David Borden
Writer & Artist

The Evil Robot Army

I used to find my pockets full of business cards that I seemed to acquire almost as if by magic.  I would transfer the contact information into my computing machine, and not knowing what to do with the actual physical cards once they had ceased to have any use, I dropped them in a drawer.  One day, I decided to throw away all of those cards. What a waste, I thought. Instead of tossing them into the trash, I decided to recycle.  I drew a picture of a robot on the back of one, then another.  Before I knew it, I had begun to amass an army.   
As with all mad artists, I determined that this army should not sit idle.  Instead it should be employed in the service of some great struggle for world domination.  Thus was born the great evil robot army.  Onward, my pretties!

(Great cackling evil laughter...)

Evil Robot 008
Robot 008 was assembled from the spare parts of a mall security guard's Segway.  As a consequence, it has developed a great liking of baked pretzels and mustard.

Evil Robot 005
Robot 005 was assembled from tossed out legos , part of a wildly unimaginitive project that aging adolescent boys started in their game room.  Once they discovered the richer universes of online ninjagq, these mere plastic pieces were tossed. This robot eats recycled paper. 

Evil Robot 001
Robot 001 was an early prototype from the late 1970s, and has a heart made of vacuum tubes and a 32 k CPU.  He frequently gets overheated when dancing to his favorite tune:  Mr. Roboto.  The gauge on his chest indicates he is headed for a melt down soon.

-- H.
Evil Robot 002
Robot 002 has yet to be described. Submit your own description using the form below, or by emailing d@dsborden.com.

(By the way, I think he has a bit of an attitude...)
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More evilness to come.  Check back later..