David Borden
Writer & Artist

Welcome to the Studio

On the Easel:
I'm working on a semi-abstract landscape painting.
Oil Portrait of Charlie Cat by David Borden
"Charlie" (c) 2013 by David Borden
Previously, I was working on a portrait of "Charlie the Cat" commissioned by Ruby.
A few months ago Tamara asked, "Why don't you stop complaining that you can't paint because you don't have a studio, and use the spare room?"
"Because there isn't enough space in there. Besides, I like to walk around barefoot, and the floor is perpetually covered in cat litter." 
Ugh!  Walking on cat litter.
"So," she said, "let's fix it.  I'll move the cat, you move the sofa."
We had a gargantuan sofa-bed in the room.  It had taken two Conan-sized professional movers an hour to get the ten-ton beast down the switchback hall and into the room.  There was no way we could get it back out.
"That sofa is going nowhere," I said.
Always practical, Tamara said, "Then, take it out one piece at a time."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure.  You having a studio is more important than having that sofa."
"Then, I'll take care of it."
With a crow bar, a sledge hammer, a knife, couple of beers, and a sailor's share of curse words, I demolished the monster.  In some ways it was like butchering a chicken.  I bent it back upon itself, popped its joints apart, and cut away the skin.  I piled its sad bones on the curb just in time for large item pick up.
I constructed a wall of shelving.  Tamara moved the cat and vacuumed up the litter.
I pulled my supplies out of their plastic storage bins in the garage.
The studio was born.