David Borden
Writer & Artist


I was born in Texas and grew up in the rice fields outside of a small town that has now become a part of the sprawling homogeneity that rings Houston.  I escaped at eighteen and never looked back.  Whew!  After graduating from college I moved to Morocco, where I lived for five years with my lovely and adventurous wife before returning to Austin.  

I have worked as a teacher, an artistic director at a non-profit arts organization, a portrait painter, and now I wile away my days as a community college administrator.  I am grateful to the college for kindly supplying me with so many idle hours in meetings in which I can doodle and daydream.  I currently live in Austin with my wife, two beautiful daughters, and a needy cat that stalks me throughout the house and ambushes me at every opportunity.


Portrait of the Author in his natural habitat.