David Borden
Writer & Artist

Phoenix by David Borden
The Year of the Phoenix

The Summer Solstice marked the beginning of the "Year of the Phoenix." Visit my blog for more information. You can download your own Year of the Phoenix Action Sheet:

In the Studio
After committing a heinous act against a sofa, the studio is now open.  Drop by my studio page to see what's new on the easel.  You can get there by following the link to paintings, then studio.

Most Recent Blog:

This is where I write about the daily absurdities and challenges of life. I post sketches and comics. Occasionally, I wax philosophical or post an animation. Who knows. Check it out.

It's Finally HERE!

Projects in the works:

I launched my e-commerce site: www.ScribbleFire.com. Come find cool things: greeting cards, books, and more!

I've finished the graphic novel of Savnanah's story. Thanks to my beta readers and everyone else who's been so supportive! Look for the Kickstarter campaign in February to raise funds for its publication. To read more, visit the And Yet We Rise page.